4 Practices I’ve Found Helpful for Spending time with God

These are a few practices I’ve found helpful for spending time with God.

Walks — If I find that my heart is having trouble engaging while spending time with God and I can’t sit still… I don’t. I walk with God [literally]. Even a lap around the neighborhood or the park is helpful. If I put in my iPhone ear buds, I can talk to God out loud and it looks like I’m just walking and talking on the phone [fantastic].

Fasting — Fasting is such a powerful practice. Even if you’re just fasting breakfast and lunch, there’s something special about going without food in order to hear more clearly from God. He loves to come close as we reach for him. If you’re new to fasting, The Rewards of Fasting by Mike Bickle and Dana Candler is a really helpful resource. You can even get a free PDF version from Mike’s website. It’s a quick read and it’s full of gold!

Get Specific — When I’m having trouble finding space in my schedule to be alone with God. I find it helpful to block out specific times in my calendar. It’s also helpful to come into these blocks of time with a plan, even if that plan is simply to sit and make room for God to speak. The Read Scripture App from the Crazy Love team has been something I’ve really been enjoying. I don’t read everything and check all the boxes, it’s just a nice, consistent rhythm when I need one.

Shake It Up — Be spontaneous! Go be alone with God in a public place. Find a coffee shop, go to a wooded area, find a park bench, and be with God.


Any of this resonate? I’d love to continue the conversation and hear your thoughts.

Thanks for journeying alongside,
Phil Rice


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