5things. Meaningful content for the religiously disillusioned.

Consider yourself among the religiously disillusioned [or spiritually tired?]. It’s kind of a scary/awkward place sometimes, following the teachings of Jesus [differently] than others that is. If you’re up for it, I’d love for you to consider joining a conversation I’m having. Here’s a place you could start, my monthly 5-things email.

My monthly 5-things email is where I highlight helpful content —articles, new music, meditative videos, online classes, podcasts— I’ve released over the last month, things I’m thinking about and mulling over, and of course, moments with my people. Oh yeah, and the 5-things email looks like this.

Phil writes like he speaks – with a God-centered, challenging, winsome humility. He gives permission to reflect on the edge about what it means to be the Church. — Lance H.