Simple Sessions Community

Simple Sessions Community

In need of some consistent undistracted space with God? Give the Simple Sessions Community (SSC) a go. The purpose of the SSC is to intentionally maintain an engaging environment for anyone desiring space to authentically connect with God. Sessions are comprised of both music and written content [delivered to you like this], so that whether you’re in a secluded place or tucked into the safety of your own headphones somewhere out in the world, consistent meditative sessions are always readily available.

Enrollment opens only twice a year. So, if you’d like to be notified of the next enrollment period enter your email below.

Simple Sessions Community Includes:

  • Regular Simple Sessions meditative content like this
  • Pre Release downloads of all Phil Rice albums and singles like these
  • Select Simple Retreat Sessions [think online class meets meditative retreat]

“The content within the Simple Sessions Community allows me an opportunity to worship anytime my schedule allows for it. It’s like dialing up a private worship set in my living room, office, or car. I love them!” — Trey W.

“Phil Rice is an incredibly gifted musician, with a unique knack for drawing hearts into meditative worship.  Helping others experience a closer connection with the Lord through worship is what he does best, and he’s awesome at it.” — Jay M.