Hi! I’m Phil Rice. I create content and conversation for spiritually practical people. Here’s a little more about what I do and how you can connect with me.

A couple things about me [Phil Rice]. I write on Practical Spirituality [physical steps for a spiritual path]. I host the Simple Sessions Community [gathering around simple meditative content] and I’m the founder of Ember [a prayer and creative company based in Oklahoma, USA].

This space [philrice.blog] is a place for individuals who desire to take another fearless and deliberate step in their spiritual journey. It’s for folks who generally find themselves on the edge of things, who are committed to the teachings of Jesus, but find themselves on a path that might look slightly [drastically?] different than those traditionally trodden.

Resonate? Yeah, me too. I created this space for us [normal humans — like you, like me] seeking to work this stuff out [amidst honest yet honoring conversation], while keeping in-tune with self and God.

Practically speaking — here are a couple ways you can relate to us spiritually practical people.

Practical Spirituality [articles and conversation] — Join In ($free/mo)

Simple Sessions Community [gathered around meditative content] — Jump In ($3/mo)



In short —

I’m committed to showing up and I’d love to see you when I do.

Phil Rice

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