Hi! I’m Phil Rice. A couple things about me.

To start, I love helping the religiously disillusioned [both the Christian cynic and the spiritually tired] authentically cultivate friendship with God. I believe there’s more to this whole thing than doing what we’ve always done, just because it’s how we do it. Yeah?

I write articles regarding my thoughts on the gathered church [meaning ways that Jesus followers relate to God regularly together], friendship with God, and observations of my own balance of physical and spiritual rhythms. I think I approach these topics a little differently than is typical [hopefully giving helpful perspective and a breath of fresh air].

Some more things that I [Phil Rice] do:

I host the Simple Sessions Community [gathering around simple meditative content] and produce regular meditative worship content. I’m the founder and executive director of Ember [a prayer and creative company]. And I send out this super helpful [I think it’s helpful] short email that has all the [5 of them] highlights of content over the last month [or so], my 5-things email — meaningful content for the religiously disillusioned [or spiritually tired] seeking to authentically follow Jesus in real life.

Can you relate? I’d love to hear how. You’re welcome to reach out and share your story.

“Traditional avenues like church services and small groups don’t fit our schedule, lifestyle desires, or value system as a family. Phil’s perspective has helped my process in a constructive and challenging manner.” — Trey W.