I’m Phil Rice. I create environments [of all kinds] that inspire ordinary humans to connect authentically with God in real life.

Really! I work to inspire people to authentically live in friendship with God. I believe there is more to this whole story than doing what we’ve always done, just because it’s how we’ve always done it. Yeah?

I write articles about personal wholeness, knowing God, life together, and spiritual rhythms [among other things]. And I think I approach these topics a little differently than is typical [hopefully in a way that gives a refreshing perspective]. I’m the founder of EMBER [a prayer and creative company]. Oh yeah, and I also regularly release meditative worship content.

Consider yourself among those following Jesus outside the typical way of things? It’s kind of a scary/awkward place sometimes, following the teachings of Jesus [differently] than others that is.

If you’re up for it, I’d love for you to consider joining a conversation I’m having. Here’s a place you could start, my monthly newsletter. My newsletter is where I deliver things I’m thinking about and mulling over, opening conversation for us to process through together.

This stuff resonate? I’d love to hear how. You’re welcome to reach out.

“Traditional avenues like church services and small groups don’t fit our schedule, lifestyle desires, or value system as a family. Phil’s perspective has helped my process in a constructive and challenging manner.” — Trey W.