Introducing the Devotional Sessions | Practical Spirituality

Devotional Sessions | Practical Spirituality

Hey everyone, Phil Rice here! If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed some devotional snippets mixed into my posts. I wanted to officially introduce them to you. Everyone, meet the Devotional Sessions… [They are pleased to meet your acquaintance].

Okay, but really. These devotional sessions will begin on and will make their way into short devotional eBooks for ease of use. So here’s the run down.

What can you expect from these devotional sessions?

  • regular engagement with the word of God – We are changed as we internalize the truth found in scripture.
  • short sessions – The goal with these sessions is not quantity, but rather, to take a single truth and mull it over for an extended period of time.
  • practical application – All devotional sessions include some actionable step to more fully engage with the things God specifically speaks to us through our time of meditation.
  • consistency – I promise to show up with new sessions and I’d love for you to join me!

What can you expect from regularly engaging with these sessions?

  • closeness to God – There is a promise in scripture that as we posture ourselves toward God, he will draw near to us.
  • practical understanding – Use these sessions as a launching point to work through how, in a regular way, you will engage and practically respond to God’s words.
  • extended opportunity for momentum – these sessions are spread apart for a reason. Change takes time. As you meditate on a given session several times in a given week, the words that God speaks take root in your heart and bring about Christ directed movement over time.


Thanks for following alongside. I look forward to the continued conversation!

Phil Rice


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