excerpt from On Trusting God – Psalm 25

To you, O Lord, I lift up my souls. O my God, in you I trust (Psalm 25).

Trusting in God is at the core of being his disciple. If we do not trust him, then we do not rest in him. If we cannot trust him, then we cannot receive love from him. If we will not trust him, we will not follow him.

Take a few quiet moments and meditate on this excerpt from Psalm 25. Then take a few deep breaths and ask God the following question: God, in what places am I not trusting you?

If something comes to mind, write it down. If nothing comes to mind, set an alarm for a later time in the day and ask again. Continue asking in a regular way until something comes to mind. When you do have something, ask God for the next step in trusting him in this area. Continue to ask for next steps as you are obedient with the last step.

May we all experience his gentle leadership as we continue to trust him.


note: I’m currently in the process of writing and compiling some devotional resources. I thought it could be helpful for some to include snapshots of my process. Enjoy!

Phil Rice — philrice.blog
Executive Director of Ember

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