Welcome to HUM. NATIVE.
Meaningful messaging for your tribe <brand natives> through podcasting.

Podcasting through HUM NATIVE acts as a step beyond the product to help your tribe <brand natives> share your brand more relationally and authentically — instead of sharing a product, they are sharing conversation with real people relating around meaningful, interesting, and valuable things that your brand says are, well… meaningful, interesting, and valuable.

We are telling your story <together> through conversation and inviting other humans to share in this story with us. Your brand grows as the lives and stories of those who personify your brand are heard and celebrated.

Interested? Here’s how we help you do this. Also, feel free to reach out.

HUM. NATIVE. Podcasting Packages

one option — $750/mo for 12 months — We work with you to record, produce, and platform your podcast in a regular way. 

Startup Kit – recording device set up
Production Consultation (Direction for the podcast)
Recording Consultation (Recording the conversation)
2 <YOUR BRAND> Podcast episodes per month
          ↠ custom intro/outro to music
          ↠ musical breaks during conversational transitions
          ↠ Platform management (managing podcast backend)
          ↠ Link to episodes for social and email marketing

another option — $1400/mo for 12 months — We work with you to record, produce, and platform your podcast in a regular way more often. 

All of the things and…
2 additional podcast episodes per month
          ↠ totaling of 4 episodes/mo 

Your HUM NATIVE produced podcast gives your devotee a deeper way to connect with the story behind the brand they advocate. We offer something beyond the ability for the individual to connect with your products — you already do this really well.

Kind words from HUM NATIVE enthusiasts 

HUM. NATIVE. has been such a helpful solution for us as we grow a more thoughtful messaging platform around things we find valuable but don’t have time to create ourselves. Thanks for everything y’all! 

We have really enjoyed working with HUM. NATIVE. It gives us the ability to articulate things that are passionate about on a platform that can be readily available for people.