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I’m Phil Rice. I create environments [of all kinds] that inspire the religiously disillusioned  [the spiritually tired] to connect with God more authentically.

Really! I work to inspire the religiously disillusioned [both the Christian cynic and the spiritually worn out] to authentically live in friendship with God. I believe there is more to this whole story than doing what we’ve always done, just because it’s how we’ve always done it. Yeah?

I write articles about personal wholeness, knowing God, life together, and rhythms of church [among other things]. And I think I approach these topics a little differently than is typical [hopefully in a way that gives a refreshing perspective]. I host the Simple Sessions Community [gathering around simple meditative content] and I’m the founder of Ember [a prayer and creative company]. Oh yeah, and I also regularly release meditative worship content.

Consider yourself among the religiously disillusioned [or spiritually tired]? That’s totally okay. It’s honest. And it’s a piece of my story as well. If you’d like, here’s a great place to start, my monthly 5-things email — meaningful content for the religiously disillusioned [spiritually tired] seeking to authentically follow Jesus in real life.

“Phil writes like he speaks – with a God-centered, challenging, winsome humility.  He gives permission to reflect on the edge about what it means to be the Church.” — Lance H.

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