Introducing the Simple Retreat — Friendship with God

I’m so happy to [finally] be sharing this Simple Retreat with you! Enrollment is open through September so take a look!

It’s easy to allow expectations [of ourselves, family, friends, culture] dictate how we approach following Jesus. I believe God wants to show us [each] how he wants to engage us authentically. Here’s a practical way forward — the Simple Retreat.

Click HERE to purchase your Simple Retreat [Friendship with God]
Price: $17

What to expect?

Your Simple Retreat arrives to your email inbox once a day [for 7 days], including written content for the day, along with an accompanying audio version for those who would prefer an audio experience (think online class meets meditative podcast).

  • 7 days of meditative content via email
  • daily session audio and written content
  • optional email correspondence

Tell me more please…

I created the Simple Retreat for people like you and me as a spiritual detox. A detox from the many expectations we carry into our friendship with God. Your Simple Retreat may function as a fresh start to a new journey. Or it may be a recentering for the path you are on. In either case, give yourself to the process and you will have opportunity for deeper, more authentic friendship with God.

Click HERE to purchase your Simple Retreat [Friendship with God]

 Within these sessions, there is a beauty that I think human beings can resonate with, rest to, and if they don’t follow Jesus yet I would imagine it would be a safe place to move His direction. — Lance H.