Let’s do what we’re best at — laying down the turnkey church

Thoughts continued from Organizational Turnkey and Church and Turnkey organization and the great American detox

In my previous post on the topic, I presented the thought that we, as local parts/expressions of Christ’s body, his Church, have an opportunity to focus on our strengths/identity and journey alongside others with other strengths — walking in dependent, functional unity [friendship].

Journeying more deeply into the question, what would it look like to do what we are best at?

What if we shared our best with other parts of Christ’s body in our city and region? What if the group that felt predominately called to mission, mobilized the majority of the missional endeavors and service to the city for the greater community of believers? What if the group with the biggest prophetic impulse shared their prayer gatherings with the larger body of Christ in the region? What if Young Life became our predominant youth ministry or Campus Crusade our citywide college ministry?

What if we came to one another with humilty, not only for input, perspective and prayer requests, but for a regular seat at one anothers table.

This is not about outsourcing.

If Christ did not call us — all of us — his [one] body, then we could call this outsourcing. But we are his body. His one body. This is not outsourcing. This is walking in dependent, functional unity — friendship and connectedness.


Phil Rice — philrice.blog
Executive Director of Ember

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