Friendship with God — John 15:10 [a practical, devotional study of scripture]

Friendship with God — The Value of Responding from Love

…If you keep my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commands and remain in his love (John 15, prompted from Devotional Sessions – Phil Rice).

Read through this scripture several times, take note of what impacts you as you read — keep my commands … remain in my love … as I have kept my Father’s commands … remain in his love.

This is the invitation of Jesus into an honest, vulnerable relationship. But remember, we are not servants, we are friends. This relationship is based in love, not work or duty. Let’s keep this in mind in approaching Holy Spirit today. Holy Spirit, will you show me how I was created to remain in the love of Christ through obedience? Come reveal to me a new way to think about obedience. Since I’m a friend and not a servant, help me to understand the heart posture of obedience as a friend.

Write down anything that comes to mind as you meditate on this scripture and as you pray for wisdom in relating to Jesus as a friend through obedience.

My personal engagement with this session [Friendship with God]

As is most of this journey into friendship with God, I so resonate with the necessity of the truth of this passage. If I am to relate to Jesus as friend, I must understand the relationship between love and obedience [or rather, obedience fueled by love]. When I remove love from the equation, my obedience is simply religious action. If I remove obedience, then it is no longer love as our creator defines it. Come Lord Jesus, teach me how to live from a place of love-fueled obedience.

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