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Simple Sessions — is a quiet and intimate worship setting. It’s simple. It’s acoustic. And each session is anywhere from 5-20 minutes long. Use it as an onramp to your devotional time or as the musical backdrop of your afternoon.

Simple Sessions Complementary Download –> (CLICK)

My intention with Simple Sessions is to consistently create an intimate worship setting for a community of people desiring God and desiring a simple and authentic way to connect to him through worship. When you join the Membership Community, you’ll receive multiple Simple Sessions a month via email, along with a few other perks here and there. My hope is that these releases will be an onramp for you as you connect with God in your everyday.

Other Musical Projects

EMMAUS — is little more musically complex — think electronic meets indie. You can pick it our latest music on iTunes -> CLICK

Visions of Choruses  indie rock, worshipping Jesus, melodies, beats, guitars, synths… all the good stuff  It’s also on iTunes -> CLICK