How I Approach Practical Spirituality [a starting place]

What is Practical Spirituality?

Spirituality is one of those words that we hear a good amount, but what is it’s substance? How does it then become Practical Spirituality? How do we participate in a spiritual activity? You might even ask yourself, how do I function as a spiritual person? Ask one hundred people, get one hundred answers. I don’t think there is one overarching answer the questions of how to interact spiritually, but in any case, here are a few Phil Rice introductory thoughts on spirituality.

Spirituality — the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

While I agree that concern with the human spirit is [of course] the basis of spirituality, I also believe that in order to thrive spiritually, one cannot stop with this one-dimensional definition. The condition of my spiritual experience is completely tied to the condition of my physical and mental condition. So, what does that actually mean in practical terms?

We are more than spirit [the guts of practical spirituality]

God is spirit. We connect with him in spirit. Humans are both spirit and body, so we have some additional pieces, given to us by God [intentional on his part] in which to care for — our physical and mental capacities. And for some crazy reason, God made us this way on purpose! So, I assume there must be something to this whole mind, body, spirit equilibrium. To be a spiritual is not to ignore body or mind, but rather, to care for and harness body and mind, in order to thrive and increase in spirit. One cannot ignore the body and mind and expect the spirit to thrive. It’s a matter of stewardship. God gave us each piece and each piece has a purpose in connecting spiritually to the father [God].

Practical Spirituality for Phil Rice [and beyond…]

This is a cornerstone piece of the way I process and experience life, an important filter as we move forward together in the community. So as we continue to increase spirit, my hope and prayer is that we continue to make room for God to speak to our care of body and mind.

May God continue to disclose himself to you in deeper and more intimate ways.


Any of this resonate? I’d love to continue the conversation and hear your thoughts.

Thanks for journeying alongside,
Phil Rice


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