Ember, it’s both. A brief explanation.

Ember, a prayer and creative company

The longer we go, the more comfortable we get in our own skin. When we named our endeavor Ember, we also deemed it a prayer and creative company [whatever that means, right? we were’t totally sure at the time]. When anyone asked, we could [kind of] connect the dots for them — we pray in the prayer room and we create as we are so inspired — but we were really still working out the details. A few years in, I can honestly say, we have grown all the more convinced of our way forward. Ember is a prayer and creative company and it’s not Ember if it’s not both.

The Ember Prayer Room

The Ember Prayer Room is essential to who we are. We position ourselves as an organization and as individuals toward Jesus, in the unproductive weakness of worship and prayer. We spend real time and real energy [in our ordinariness] in order to be a place of continual worship and prayer in our region. We aren’t the only ones, we aren’t the experts, but we are convinced that our world is impacted for the better because of these rhythms and that Jesus is worthy of our attention and affection.

Ember Creative

Ember Creative is also essential to who we are. This is our gift to the world, the archived creative documentation of our journey into intimacy with God. There are other prayer rooms. There are other creative organizations. But Ember will be both. These two aspects are inseparable. We must experience the spirit of God in the place of worship and prayer. We are witnesses to his reality in this place. We ask him to draw near, we rest in his presence, we join him in intercession for our region, and we must multiply what we have seen and what we have heard. Our experience of God is meant to be shared [expressed]. And so we do. And so we will.

Inspiring individuals and communities

We are a tribe of creative intercessors. This is our contribution. We don’t claim to be more. We don’t claim to be perfect. But we are committed to walking the path we have been given — inspiring individuals and communities to deeper intimacy with God through our own experience of him.


Much love and affection,
Phil Rice


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