a few [Phil Rice] resources:

Welcome to an intimate piece of the content I create. Music is a way that I commune with God and a way that I share him as light to those around me. May these melodies and rhythms bring you into deeper intimate connection with the greatest light of our world.

I send out a monthly [or so] newsletter with some musings on authentically following Jesus in real life. I’d love for you to consider joining the conversation. 

I founded a prayer and creative company called EMBER. Through our prayer room (based in Norman, Oklahoma) we offer intentional space to experience God and the truth of his words given to us in scripture. Through our own experience in this place of consistent prayer and worship, we express and we create, inspiring intimacy and connection with God in the greater body of Christ.

Following Jesus outside the typical way of things?

I’d love for you to consider joining a conversation I’m having. Here’s a place you could start, my monthly newsletter. My newsletter is where I deliver things I’m thinking about and mulling over, opening conversation for us to process through together.

“Within his meditative sessions, there is a beauty that I think human beings can resonate with, rest to, and if they don’t follow Jesus yet I would imagine it would be a safe place to move His direction.”